Financial Guarantees

Wins has engaged in the financial guarantee business since its establishment in 2006. The financial guarantee business aims to facilitate financing from banks to Chinese SMEs by serving as the guarantor to the lenders so that, in the event of a borrower’s default, we will repay the principal, interest and related fees and expenses in connection with the underlying debt. We believe that these guarantees enable our SME customers to obtain financing from banks on better terms, and in a more convenient and timely manner, than in the absence of such guarantees.

As of June 2015, our financial guarantee subsidiary ranked as one of the top 10 financial guarantee companies operating in China, with approximately $48.3 million of registered capital.

We select SME customers with great care, after significant due diligence, and provide guarantee support to only those customers which are creditworthy but lack the necessary credit history or collateral to obtain financing independently. This business generates a strong stream of revenues while also allowing us to build long-term relationships with emerging SME businesses.



Applicants contact banks or our institutional partners for their financing needs. Our specialized project managers answer questions and work with the applicant to cater to its specific needs.

Due Diligence

After a mutual decision to precede with the application, the project manager conducts due diligence to better determine an applicant’s credit worthiness and evaluate the potential opportunity.

Project Review

The project manager makes a draft report to the risk-management department for review. If the report is approved, a letter of guarantee intent is issued. The project manager will keep applicant informed of the progress and the contract terms throughout the process.


A formal and binding guarantee contract is executed by the parties. The project manager acts as liaison between the bank or other financial institutions regarding issuance of the loan.

Post Insurance

After the loan proceeds are transferred into applicant’s account, the project manager closely monitors the applicant’s finance and business operations to ensure timely repayment of the loan.